Greetings to soon to-be-brides! It’s never too early to start picking your ideal wedding dress colours. That’s why we have come up with a short guide in our Fatizbook for spreading some light on the topic. Here’s a couple of tips on how to choose your perfect wedding dress colours.

Choosing Color Based on Popularity

Choose your dress colour based on popularity – White, champagne and ivory-coloured dresses are among the most popular among peers of the particular age group. However, there are many more options out there in the open to pick from which includes, black, blue, aqua, teal, green, sea green, kelly, bisque, light bisque, pink, dark pink, light pink, orange, yellow, wine red, cherry red, and many more.


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Picking Color Based on Your Interest

Which would be your favourite colour? How would you like to match up with the groom? (even though he won’t care much deal about it. Because he isn’t marrying you based on how you look when you walk down the aisle)


Choosing Colors Based on the Colors of the Wedding

The colours of the flowers which are being used, how the decorations are being made or which colours are being used, based on the season, based on what you represent for your loved ones and lot more. The decision is entirely up to you to decide.


Choosing Outfits Based on the Seasons

Summer – If it’s summer, you would want to go for dark and rich colours like dark blue, ruby red, emerald green and also the likes of purple,

yellow, orange and more.

Spring – Ideal choice would be pastel colours: mint green, baby pink, and soft blue colours.

Fall – If it’s a fall wedding, then you should go for brown, orange, red, yellow or other colours which would associate with other fall colours.

Winter – Winter colours would be white, champagne, red, green and unrivalled options.


Taking Inspiration From Your Star Celebrities

Even though you may not have a star’s unlimited wedding budget, you can still draw inspiration and help create a vision of what styles you want to replicate in your dress. And we can make it happen for you from scratch as you wish with our custom crafting options to make you look elegant as possible from your inspirations.


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Let’s wrap it up with a question to answer – Which would be your preferred colour of choice? Let us know in the comments below or reach us through our Social Media channels.







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