Allow yourself to pause. Don’t stop!

Pausing yourself for some time will help to be more productive. Get back on the journey stronger. Practice the PAUSE!

- Noushija Fatiz

MA. Noushija

Managing Director & Chief designer

About Noushija

Each step to success counts. Noushi Fatiz's growth and achievements throughout these years showcases it perfectly. Noushi Fatiz stands out and high in elivering success in Designing, Training, Marketing and Entrepreneurship with the muliple skills that she has acquired throughout the past years.

She is a reputed Product Developer, Creative Designer and a Marketing Leader. Besides her fascinating logical and creative skills, she has proved her versatility in arts and sports. She has also serves as a collage chairperson during her education days. She is a graduate with specialization in textiles from Vimala College, Kerala, Faculty of Fashion Design from KIFT and MBA in Human Resource Management from Tasmac Pune.

Her passion for designing has won her several milestones, including the "Yuva Ratna 2018" at the Indiwood filim Carnival and "Best Women Entrepreneur" at the Chamber of Commerce, 2017. Being a role model and inspiration to many young artists and leaders, she serves as an advisor to ASAP, Govt of Kerala and a visiting lecturer and motivational speaker to various colleges.

She's got a positive aura that has always mesmerized every person who acquainted her. Her peaceful demeanour has help her solve any difficult task with such ease. The dedication towards her passion has helped her reach all the way till here and each step we take hoping it would open new doors for a greater cause.